And the Rich .. will get Richer


As I glanced into the faces of this crowd, the expensive leather and mink coats that some of them donned arrogantly stood out. Their white collar associates in Wall Street had on more than one occasion in the past brought the world economy to its knees due to sheer avarice. They .. wait a sec .. “we” can smile and boast of technical prowess in our own sophisticated domains. These are traits which we proudly flaunt while sitting in air-conditioned cubicles away from the harsh realities of life, believing that number crunching of a certain kind is the basis for a better life, while talent of another kind goes completely unnoticed !!

The whole idea is to be able to to earn your living in such a way that your ‘assets’ will eventually grow from the epicenter of your initial capital investment that runs your business to the eventual tsunami that would flood your bank account with suitcases of banknotes. While the strategy may have certainly paid off for some of the millionaires, the question is — at what cost and more importantly — how many millions were fallen by the wayside?

US Bureau of Labor Statistics



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